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Energy Savings

Store Electricity when Rates are Low, Use when Rates are High


Skip the Spike: Home Batteries for Smarter Energy Use


Harness the Power of Time-of-Use Savings with a Home Battery

With electricity costs climbing and environmental sustainability more important than ever, it's time to think about how we power our homes. Enter the home battery — your solution to harnessing energy smarter, not harder. By storing electricity during low-cost hours and using it during peak rates, a home battery system doesn't just power your home; it powers your ability to save.


What are Time-of-Use (TOU) Rates?

TOU rates are more than just numbers on your utility bill; they're opportunities. These rates vary, typically increasing during high-demand hours of the day and dropping during the night or off-peak times. With a home battery, you can charge during those cheap, off-peak times and use your stored energy when rates are highest, significantly reducing your electricity bill.


How a Home Battery Works

A home battery system works by storing electricity when it’s cheapest and powering your home when rates are at their peak. This not only means significant savings but also provides a reliable energy source during unexpected power outages. Here's how it seamlessly integrates into your home:

1. Energy Storage:  During off-peak hours, your home battery charges itself by drawing and storing cheaper electricity.

2. Automatic Switching:  The system automatically switches to battery power during peak rate periods, utilizing the stored energy, thus avoiding higher electricity costs. 


3. Continuous Monitoring: Smart technology manages your energy flow, ensuring optimal usage and extending the life of your battery.

How Much can I save with Evergy Energy by installing a Home battery?

Let's take an average sized home using approximately 12,000kWh of electricity a year. 

The electricity cost this year for this home will be 
$1,477 in Evergy Energy's Missouri Metro Area and $1,268 in the Missouri West footprint. 

With a Home Battery installed  this same 12,000kWh of electricity would cost you $553 in the Metro Area and $492 in the Missouri West Area.  

A 63% Savings in the Missouri Metro Area and a 62% Savings
                                  in the Missouri West Area.


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