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Homeowner with an Average Monthly Utility Bill of $160

The goal with solar is to fit a system on your roof that produces 100% of your current electricity usage. That way, your bill from the utility company goes to zero (or $5 a month in "fees" -- they can't help themselves) and the money you WERE sending to the utility company goes in your pocket or towards your solar loan.

In reviewing the numbers below remember that your savings and power generation potential could be more (southern facing roof, large roof area, tax credits, loan length) or could be less (roof direction, small roof, shaded roof).  The ONLY way to know exactly is to get a customized estimate for your specific situation.

100% Solar Estimate Based on $160/Month Utility Bill


Yearly Amount Paid to Utility Company: $1,920

Estimated Amount of Energy Consumed a Year: 15,840kwh

Size of Solar System Needed to Produce 15,840kwh: 10.56kw

Cost of Financed 10.56kw Solar System: $39,073

Monthly Loan Payment on 25-year@4.49%: $157

Cost of 10.56kw Solar System Paid in Cash: $31,680

Estimated Savings Over 25 Years: $37,589

Your Utilities are Going Up!


Sticking it to The Man by going solar is about the short AND long game. Utility rates only go up. In the last 17 years the average rate increase each year is:











Something you DEFINITELY need to factor in to your decision-making.


All numbers found on this estimate are based on the average metrics found in the average home.  But you’re not average, you’re special. So is your house.


With access to your home’s specific utility bill and roof layout pulled from Google Earth, we can dial in your exact costs and savings for YOUR specific circumstance. Think of it as a tailor drawing up plans for a perfectly fitted suit for your home. This suit just happens to have solar panels instead of pin-stripes. 

Take your power back! Get your exact solar estimate today.

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