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A long-term solar contract has the ability to either be a great investment for you and your future, or an albatross hung snugly around your neck.  Our only goal is to help take the mystery out of your proposal and ensure your solar experience is what you were hoping for.  


Too often I'm starting conversations with people that are locked into a bad deal with a different solar company, but can't do anything about their pricing because they've signed contracts.  Before you sign elsewhere, let's have a quick chat.  We're friendly here, honest.   

Like those old "Choose your own Adventure" books from the 80's, you've got two options on this page.  


  • If you already have a written proposal from another company, you can upload a copy here for us to give you some feedback on.  (Don't worry about multiple pages, just keep clicking "Add a File" and the site will let you upload as many as you need).  

  • If you are just starting out your search and need a brand spankin' new proposal for your home, fill in the short Proposal Request" form below and we'll begin engaging with you at whatever level is comfortable.   

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