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How Much Can Solar Save You?

Find Out Online

Include your name, address and an average monthly dollar amount of your power bill. That's it.

Step by Step

1. Find Out If Solar Makes Sense for You
Get your detailed assessment to see how solar can work for your home and power usage.  This is as simple as answering a few simple questions on our site.

2. We Design the System, Navigate Utility Approvals
Behind the scenes we design just the right solar set up to maximize your power efficiency, including producing and delivering CAD drawings and electrical schematics for required building permits and handling paperwork approvals. We make short work of the labyrinth of tasks required before the panels can go up on your roof.

3. We Install Your Panels and System
Our crew with the equipment, ladders and panels show up and expertly install your system.

4. We Inform Your Utility Company You're Ready to Be Switched Over to Net-Metering
Once your panels are on the roof, the utility company will stop by to set up net-metering and enable you to feed back your excess power (and start sticking it to the man).

5. Power Your Panels, Start Saving Bank
We flip the switch. You obsessively watch your solar panels charge your home through our simple to use app.

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