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Grid Up Your Solar

Most residential solar is "Grid-Tied". Grid-­Tied (also called on-grid solar) solar systems work with utility power. They produce clean electricity for your home while the sun is shining and use the utility to provide power to your home at night or during cloudy weather.

Grid-Tied Solar is the Simplest & Most Cost-Effective Way to Go Solar

Since these systems work in tandem with your electric power service, they eliminate the need for expensive batteries. Also, retrofitting your house for solar requires very little (if any) change to your existing electrical wiring.

Grid-Tied Solar is Reliable & Extremely Durable

A grid-tied solar electric system is a safe, quiet and low maintenance way to provide your own power while you’re home. Since your system is connected to the utility, you never have to worry about solar providing enough power for your home. If you ever use more power than the solar output, your utility seamlessly provides power. This process is automatic and you’ll never have a disruption in power or need to flip any switches.

Most grid­-tied systems consist of just two major components: solar panels and a grid-tied inverter. Solar panels and inverters typically carry a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. However, they should work well over 30 years. In that amount of time you can save tens of thousands of dollars with your own power.

Grid-Tied Solar Works with Your Power Company for Net Metering

Net ­metering works with your electric service to allow your excess produced energy to be used at a later time for free. Potentially, you may produce enough solar energy during daylight hours to offset your entire monthly electricity usage.

Grid-Tied Solar Can Work with a Backup System for Power Outages

Surprisingly, most solar electric systems installed on-grid do not provide backup power during an electricity outage. Systems are required to shut down when there is an outage to ensure the safety of utility line workers. Not to worry though, if one of your reasons for going solar is to ensure you have power during a utility outage you’ll just want make sure you invest in a system that includes backup power.


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