John Got Solar. John Got Excited.

It was popping up around town...

"I'm definitely curious, but where to begin? And would solar even work for me? I don't want a hard sell hassle -- I just need to get some info."

Where do I get information (without pressure)?

Talking with his neighbors he heard about some great experiences and others, not so much. When he started hearing talk about roof direction, kilo hertz, and slopes he wasn't sure.

It was time for some info, customized for John.

He was thrilled to hear his neighbors tales, but in the end, he wasn't his neighbors...he was John. And John needed his own info.

John talked to Mobius Solar. Mobius Solar got John the custom solar info for his home.

Would John's home be a good candidate for solar? Would he save money? How much would it cost? How much power would it generate? Questions asked. Questions answered. Now, all John had to do was give the thumbs up.

John gives the thumbs up.

Mobius Solar goes to work, scheduling the install, working with the utility companies, getting the permits and taking it to the finish line....all the while answering John's questions along the way.

Flipping the switch without a hitch.

John's gone solar -- generating his own power, saving money and sharing his own solar tales with his neighbors. Happy to help, John.

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