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See John.

See John Get Solar.

John had questions. John got answers. John got solar. John got excited.

Find out what John found out. See if your home works for solar by taking this 30 second solar survey.

Start a Solar Adventure, We Call Shotgun!

Adding solar to your home, business, barn, shed, sauna (whatever, it's your sauna), will change the way you think about your power forever. And that's exciting.


It's About You.

What we've discovered over the years is that each person's journey with solar is going to be different. Sometimes solar solutions don't make sense for your situation or goals. Or it does make sense, but you have a unique situation that requires some extra thinking to make it work. We love those situations.

In short, we aren't about throwing panels on your roof and moving on to your neighbor. We approach each project with a customized, straight-forward approach with your goals in mind and what's possible.


This approach won't make us the biggest solar company, but we think it makes us the best.

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Asset 3.png
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Understand the Basics of Solar: The Big 4


Like most things in the world, it does cost money. But it costs less with us. Years of industry experience + being smaller has advantages.


We use the same high-quality equipment as most solar installers, but for less :)


Installation is about speed and quality. We know what we are doing here and we do it better.


We offer the same, if not better warranty than other providers.  Call us for details.

Okay, Now What?

First things first. Let's find out if your house even makes sense for solar. Take a moment to answer a few questions about your home and see what solar can do for you.

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