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See the Light, Don’t Get Burned

Real Answers to your Solar Questions.  Our Mission is to give power back to the people through solar.

Solar is relatively new for most home-owners and raises a lot of questions. Questions like, does solar make sense for me? How much should it cost? What exactly am I getting with my solar purchase?


Good questions. Questions that large solar companies don’t necessarily have an interest in helping you understand for your individual situation (after all, they have lots and lots of solar panels to sell to keep their names on stadiums).

To understand if solar makes sense for you, it’s helpful to understand the basic parts of any solar system:

Understand the Basics of Solar: The Big 4

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Like most things in the world, it does cost money. But it costs less with us. Years of industry experience + being smaller has advantages.


We use the same high-quality equipment as most solar installers, but for less :)


Installation is about speed and quality. We know what we are doing here and we do it better.


We offer the same, if not better warranty than other providers.

Solar, So Good:

The Benefits of Solar

Your Home Isn't Lazy, It Just Hasn't Learned to

Work Hard

Solar Stole My Heart and My Grid

Lovely Rita,

Net Meter Maid

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