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Harvest the Sun -- Let the Sun Power More Than Your Seeds


With solar hardware and installation costs at an all-time low and the 26% federal tax credit scheduled to drop at the end of 2023, there has never been a better time to investigate solar and see if it's right for your farm or ranch.

Many farmers are finding the predictable energy costs that solar provides them a welcome break from all their other uncertainty, with commodity prices falling, and seasonal costs becoming a bit more volatile.  Solar energy is a great way to take some of the burden of operational overhead off your shoulders.  Whether it be an energy-hungry dairy operation or numerous pumps you’d like to aggregate, Mobius Solar can make it happen.


A Mobius Solar partnership goes beyond installing solar on your farm or dairy.  It’s about building relationships with our customers and their communities.  As your trusted solar partner, we know that making the transition to solar impacts many facets of your business. You need a solar partner who is truly invested in what is important for you and your stakeholders.  We work with you from day one to help you realize the value of your solar investment quickly.









Support from Significant Government Incentives

There are multiple ways to offset a sizable amount of the solar system cost for your farm or ranch:​

  • Federal 26% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) - turns tax liability into a capital investment.

  • Federal five-year MACRS depreciation

  • Competitive annual USDA REAP Grants (funding up to 25% of project cost).


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